2020-AUG-02 - Bullpup Log: Entry 6

2020-AUG-02 - Bullpup Log: Entry 6

As of today the bullpup proof of concept is operational. Utilizing modified TIPX internals, T15v2 magazines and days worth of modeling and 3d printing a fully functional concept platform is real.

Proof of Concept Bullpup Marker

In order to achieve this platform, some small tweaks were necessary for the Tipx Internals which in the long run justify creating an entirely new internal system for the marker. Due to this there are several more changes and enhancements planned in order to separate this marker platform from the donor marker from which it came.

  1. Head Space between magazine and Chamber - At the moment there is a considerable amount of space between the mouth of the magazine and the chamber where rounds sit just before firing. To those well versed in paintball markers this creates a lot of potential to have a round flip. Due to this the stock bolt and breech block will not work and will receive an overhaul. 
  2. Historically, TIPX markers do not have the best reputation when it comes to reaching velocity. The TCR internals saw some marked improvements but while we're re-engineering the internals, why not improve on the air chamber as well?
  3. Modular magwells - T15, M17, TIPX, Single side-DAM, TMC, Helix (Basically every magazine option except for the DAM magazine. Sorry DAM, EMF100 users).
  4. Several configuration options to help distinguish your marker as your own. Lots of people have been reaching out screaming for a Halo Assault Rifle type of configuration so that'll be the next one we work up. 
  5. Perhaps the most ambitious of the changes come in the form of a comprehensive electronics package upgrade. Initial thoughts are this would enhance the user experience by adding a shot counter, mode indicator (for select fire operation), low ammo warning indicator and via a software package, allow for limited customization of the user display. 

Folks keep asking when it will be available for sale. As outlined above there are still many ambitious goals for this project and rushing through a 3d printed model simply just to capitalize on hype isn't a goal of mine. I'll keep updating the community and accepting feedback. 

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