2020-JUNE-22 - Bullpup Log: Entry 5

2020-JUNE-22 - Bullpup Log: Entry 5

It's been a while since the last bullpup log entry but progress has not stopped. With all of the exterior features fleshed out it's time to move internally and get this thing working as close to 100% reliability as feasibly possible. 



1. Bent Trigger pins - At some point There always seems to be an issue with a bent trigger pin in the TIPX. My initial thoughts are that this may be related to how the trigger is situated within the shell of the TIPX so we'll be printing various trigger linkages as well as some shims to help keep the pin from sliding too far out of it's housing and causing problems.Ultimately I believe a better trigger with a roller bearing and a linkage that is locked in place is the final solution.



2. Flips - As a part of the design process, I knew something needed to be done to address FSRs flipping on their way into firing position. I intentionally left a block of space in the CAD model to return to this concept once I validated much of the external features. The current mechanism is designed to operate much like a Cyclone feed on the Tippmann A-5, except on a vertical axis and actuated by the trigger pull. 



On 6-15 after finally filling my air tanks (I live pretty far from a field or store) the first attempt was made at gassing the marker. Sadly it failed to hold the pressure needed to move onto the next steps, but resulted in many minor tweaks to small parts and dimensions internally. Sadly, this step may also mean that we have to, for now, abandon the thought of using onboard CO2 in an effort to simplify the design and move it forward.



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