2021-MAR-18 - Bullpup Log: Entry 9

2021-MAR-18 - Bullpup Log: Entry 9


Current in-house Halo:CE inspired configuration.



Following a successful test firing using Tipx internals and Milsig GMAGs, the next step was obviously moving onto the BETA phase. During a supply run for creating the first 'copy' of the Alpha model I couldn't help but take a stroll down the Arduino aisle at the local nerd depot. Curiosity got the best of me and something caught my eye that couldn't be ignored.

The smallest OLED screen I've ever seen.

The Distraction: An Ammo Counter

Upon finding this tiny little screen, and having heard nothing back from the owners of ammocounter.com, I admittedly got distracted with creating my own ammo counter in the style of Halo's Assault Rifle for the bullpup. My inner geek fangirled pretty hard when I realized everything I needed to get started with this side quest was right in front of me. So I said hell with it and thus the distraction from launching the Beta.

Getting the components to count.

Getting all of the components together, into a shell and counting was all the easy part. Getting it to count rounds with 100% accuracy is actually pretty hard. But I have all the confidence that the problem is solve-able. To make it commercially viable there has to be 1. a demand and 2. a path towards creating the components at a production level. Apparently there's plenty of demand so now it's up to me to determine if there is a path towards production. 

Notes on the BETA

It's certainly been an interesting few months here. A few weeks back Hell was frozen over here in Texas and while things certainly didn't devolve into chaos it did put many folks into survival mode for a week. But now that we're on the other side of that spring is in the air and it's time to get in as much field testing as feasible until it feels like the surface of the Sun. Following field tests there will be a paid BETA program which will be very selective and include .stl files for test accessories and discounts on future production models. 

Eternal thanks again to everyone that continues to purchase items from the store. March 15th marked the 6th year Magfed Solutions, LLC has been in business and there have been quite a few highs and lows but I'm proud to still be here and thank you all for keeping me around.

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