Happy Birthday - Magfed Solutions

Happy Birthday - Magfed Solutions

Today marks 6 years of Magfed Solutions. In that time a lot has changed in paintball, magfed, my life and the world around us. Rather than boring folks with self-serving retrospective commentary or rants about the current state of everything I'd like to take this moment to look forward into the next 6 years of Magfed Solutions and what myself and my small band of supporters and misfits are doing to make waves.

"Prototyping is easy. Production is hard." - Elon Musk

Currently I have so many various projects ready to roll out but the tooling required to bring them to fruition is holding them back. The bullpup project, Tipx Mod Xc, and other sub-system projects have taken a back seat to creating the 3D printing setup that's going to deliver these products at such a quality that most of you end users will not know it is 3D printed. Tests are ongoing with ASA, ABS and Nylon filaments in various colors which will ensure that the failure rate of Magfed Solutions products remains at the staggering low number it sits at today. Beta preorders will be going live in the next couple of weeks and will be rolled out in waves so as to ensure that feedback from beta users are incorporated into the next batch as it is received. 


While at the moment there are no pending events on our production calendar the probability of that happening is definitely greater than zero. My focus with producing events was always to provide a paintball experience that I myself would want based on my previous scenario paintball experiences.

Looking ahead any future Magfed Solutions scenario will be:

  • FSR Only - because magfed was made for them.
  • Limit the number of participants - so we can craft an experience based on actual numbers rather than forecasts.
  • Coincide with other non-paintball local events - so you dudes have more to do than just hang out at Torchy's. There are a few ideas rolling around that would be fantastic for you out of towners to experience.
  • Take place at non-Traditional paintball facilities - This is one that's been almost unobtainable unless you're willing to break a few laws. Years back there was talks of a playbook about how exactly to get this done. We're hoping to bring that playbook off the shelf and put it to good use. While we certainly won't be hosting any Super-Mega-Big-Games on the moon the goal is to deliver an experience that cannot be had at any paintball field in existence.
  • Linked to an interactive web-element.

To be continued

So the story so far is written. I'd like to again thank the supporters who either purchase an item or dm me with words of encouragement and feedback for the learning experience that has been the past 6 years. I hesitated to even begin this journey and it has come with its fair share of bumps and bruises along the way but that's to be expected in any format of paintball. 

See you all on the field real soon.

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