Collection: MFS BPX (Bullpup TIPX) - Beta Program

The Story

This project started out as a concept years ago and is finally ready to take its first steps. Years ago this was impossible as the technology for doing this was both cost prohibitive and not yet mature enough to offer the accuracy needed for creation of the components. 

The Concept

The BPX project allows you to utilize a Tippmann TIPX pistol and reconfigure it into a bullpup platform with modularity at its core. Grip frame, front shrouds, top rails and magwells are all designed to be swappable and reconfigurable for your particular need. 

Best of all, all of the files for the accessory parts are being uploaded as STLs on day 1. This will allow other makers, hobbyists and companies to take these files and remix and create their own offering for the platform. 

The Process

This is a paid BETA program where you are purchasing a kit in order to provide feedback in order to continue to develop this platform. Each of the kits listed below will be 3D printed to order in ASA and ABS. There will be a wait for each kit to ship as there is some post processing of prints that takes place here at the shop prior to shipping. In order to view your place in the print queue and see the current progress notes click HERE.

STLs for various accessory parts can be located on HERE.

You can always reach out over email at or join us in the DEVGRU-MFSol Facebook group to keep up with the latest developments.