2020-JAN-09 - Bullpup Log: Entry 2

2020-JAN-09 - Bullpup Log: Entry 2

Progress continues and as I continue down this road I realize a few things will have to be tweaked from the original concept in order to get to working, reliable and practical designs that others may eventually want to purchase.

Pistol Variant Changes


(A) After drawing up the pistol variant based upon the new rifle variant I've decided to move forward without the tipx magazines. For the capacity they offer they are simply too large. Going forward I will be designing this system based around the Half-DAM magazine platform which has become popular. Down the road (time permitting) perhaps there will be a redesign of this magazine.

Rifle Variant Changes


(A) Several factors have lead to a change in platform for the rifle variant. First, the linkage between the stock M17 fire control group and the trigger has proven to be a huge obstacle. While I've managed to mock it up to fire the trigger is simply not at all where it needs to be to be a design I'm comfortable with marketing and selling. Second, the length of pull issue some have pointed out. While not as long as a stock M17 equipped with a 13 cu in tank, the length of pull is still slightly longer than someone with shorter arms will feel comfortable shouldering consistently. For these reasons I've decided to utilize TIPX internals into the rifle variant. While this will undoubtedly lead to other design challenges I feel solving the trigger feel and length of pull challenges is easily accomplished with this change of platform. The goal will be to create a housing for the TIPX internals which will allow for toolless access to the bolt of the marker in the event that a round is damaged while in use.

(B) With the change in platform, will come a change in the buttstock of the platform. The aim is for an integrated collapsible stock option to allow maximum comfort for users of all types.

(C) Finally, changing the platform will allow for us to change which magazines we will be utilizing with this platform. The T15 Magazines are smaller, with similar capacity to the M17 magazines and will allow for a thinner overall marker.


There is a ton of modeling yet to be done before the first test-fits of these latest iterations are in physical form. I get a lot of  messages and emails asking how folks can help contribute to this project. Simply put the two biggest obstacles at the moment are time and money. The CAD work involved in doing this takes a lot of time and simply put there are only but so many hours in the day. The number of test prints done to tweak the designs into functional existence takes money. If you like what you're seeing offer words of encouragement, patience and take a moment to browse through our online store. At the end of everything either it'll be able to be made public (via molded parts) or I'll have the only few of these in existence. As always feel free to message the Facebook Page with suggestions, comments and help spread the word around.

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