With several projects in various stages of development it's long since been time to do an overview of where several of them are at the moment and get the hype train up to 88mph.

BPX: Bullpup Tipx


Perhaps the project that's been in development the longest and the one quite a bit of folks are waiting to see.

For those not familiar, this project utilizes the engine and much of the hardware of the Tippmann Tipx and places it into a modular bullpup form factor. Once fully realized users will be able to change grips, front ends, risers, magwells, stocks and even place an electronics package on it which can enable various fire modes and ammo counting.

The base design is Beta-Ready and awaiting a major overhaul of my workshop space before the paid Beta is launched. Currently all that remains of the project are to develop the various magwells and accessories for the project. The beta will launch mid to late October 2021.


SRX: Scout Rifle Tipx

This project, like all of my projects, was born out of my own personal style. I've often found myself wanting a dedicated lightweight scout platform that I can just simply stalk with. 

The goal is a simple, lightweight, sniper rifle form factor which utilizes the Tipx internals and GMags. An integrated tilting riser will let you get the most out of any simple optics. Now, are you going to outshoot a SAR-12 with it? No. Can you use it to get a taste for the style of play before making that type of investment? Yep. 

This one is way early in development but with lessons learned from the bullpup will not nearly take as long. 

Tipx-MOD Xc

This one is another one of my pet projects turned public. Usually, when I turn to my pistol during a match 9/10 times it seems like at that point I'm put at a huge disadvantage. Over the years I've found myself wanting just a bit more from my pistol and with so many Tipx markers in the wild this project seems very commercially feasible.

The aim of this body swap is to: enable the use of a modular grip system which will open up possibilities for others to create their own style of pistol grip. Add a much needed attachment point for a fold up stock or 13 cu in tank. Increase trigger reliability with a redesigned trigger linkage. Open up the possibility of an electronics package for alternate trigger modes and integrate a modular top rail for multiple options for attaching optics.

Thank you for all you do

A huge thank you to everyone that continues to purchase patches, shirts and accessories from the site. None of these projects would be where they are now without your continued support and encouraging words. 

The next step is to upgrade the shop with a larger printer for beta developments. That includes a larger printer capable of printing advanced materials, building large enclosures to house the larger format printer to regulate temperature and fumes, and finally setting up a dehydration system which will enable the use of Nylon as a building material so the beta testers can do their worst. There are still plenty of items available for sale at www.magfedsolutions.com with more being added regularly. While you're there swing by the Beta pages for the BPX-S and the BPX-R and scope out all the various options we're working to get implemented into that system. 

As always feel free to comment below, on Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you think.  

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  • Paul Ashbourne

    What fabulous concept designs these are and I love them all.

    Such a great idea which I think a lot of TIPX owners will be very interested in, especially me.

    Manchester UK

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