2020-FEB-25 - Bullpup Log: Entry 3

2020-FEB-25 - Bullpup Log: Entry 3

Since the last update a lot of printing has happened in order to check tolerances and confirm cad models and configurations of the Tipx internals for the Rifle Variant. In order to cut down on material waste and time needed to print test fits, sections of the receivers were selected to test the fit of certain elements such as the trigger assembly, magazine well, magazine release, tipx valve body and 12g co2 chamber. 


Test-fit - early Feb 2020

Early on in the process I believed that I could source a longer brass tube to relocate the 12g chamber further forward. As progress was made it was realized that sourcing that tube would not be feasible due to the size and scope of this project. So a design change was made which would see the co2 chamber rotated 90 degrees into the downward position. This change eliminates the trigger puncture of the co2 and now completely eliminates the ability to run this configuration without use of a remote line however should we be able to locate a suitable replacement for the existing tube we can always revert back to the old concept of having the CO2 canister under the barrel as in the stock TIPX. This configuration will require a slight modification to the CO2 Puncture Valve.

Current Rifle Variant - FEB 2020


Now that all of the elements are in place on the clamshell models, it's time to move this design into its final forms. From the beginning I knew i didn't simply want to make clamshells for this kit so in order to deliver on the modularity aspect of this kit the current models will be diced up into several modular pieces which will enable a whole array of future options should this project go into full production.

As always comments, questions, feedback and support in the form of patronage on the site is always appreciated. 


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This using TiPX internals? Regardless TAKE MY MONEY!! Been dreaming of a pb bullpup ♥


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