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STL files for 3D Printing a new body to rehome the TIPX paintball pistols internals. The new shell adds features such as integrated top rail, swappable grips, trigger guards, easy access to the Tipx detend and CO2 delete. 

As users report back usage data modifications will be made and you will be notified of the updated files. Full video with installation instructions is still in the works. You will be reusing much of the hardware for assembly aside from a couple of set screws and a small spring for the trigger return. 

It is highly recommended that you print this in ASA, ABS or Nylon. This mod is at your own risk.   

Enhancements currently in the works for the next versions:

  • Compatibility with MCS Rear Air adapter
  • Version of iron sights which will use printer filament as the glow rods