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TIPX Universal Service Weapon Adapter - STL

TIPX Universal Service Weapon Adapter - STL

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Designed to allow the users to add any rail mounted stock options to their TIPX pistol. I highly recommend a folding stock to allow for the full versatility of a true USW sidearm.

You will need additional screw hardware to assemble the final assembly which includes:

  • (2) #10-24,15mm long
  • (1) #10-24, 20mm long
  • (3) #10-24, hex nuts 5/16" wide

Includes a .zip file with (2) STL files (2 for the main body halves) which will enable you to print this file. I highly recommend printing these items in a PLA+, PETG, ASA or ABS w 1.4mm walls at a minimum.

Keep in mind that any STL you purchase from Magfed Solutions includes all future updates to that model. So if you use it, see an area for improvement and I incorporate it. It'll be re-released and you'll be notified of the new version directly from our store.


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