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TIPX Tilted Rail - STL

TIPX Tilted Rail - STL

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We've revamped our TIPX Tilted Rail. It's been modified to use less material and print with minimal supports necessary (when printed in the correct orientation). $2 bucks gets you the .stl file. I figured rather than spend the time printing a ton of these we're going to operate on the honor system. Best of all, paying your dues guarantees that if there's a revision made, you'll get a notification and fresh download link delivered to your email.

We've designed this to have a -2 degree pitch and combatible with .100" Fiber optic rods. Some brands of rods fit tighter than others so glue or rubber cement is highly advisable.

We've got other small parts like this to post up depending on how this one goes. The hope is that by keeping the digital download so low, folks will be less inclined to pirate the hell out of the file. Proceeds will go towards helping to fund the production of our Bullpup so please encourage anyone who prints it to go ahead and purchase the file to help bring that project, and others, to fruition.

*For personal use only*

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